— Motion Design, Artistic Direction

Psychologies : Nostalgia

How to show an emotion in only 40 seconds ? 
This is the question that the french magazine/webzine Psychologies asked us for our graduation project at the School of Gobelins in Motion and Graphic Design.

I had only 10 days to work on the feeling of nostalgia. My research are actually based on three major themes : the good side of this emotion, the distortion of the memories envolved and the feeling of reminiscence (Proust's madeleine). This moment of reminiscence in a everyday life moment at the launderette is embellish by a 80's nostalgic style with inspirations from the memphis group and a vaporwave music.

This video had been broadcasted on Psychologies' website and social networks.

— Still frames :


François Cauderlier - 2018

François Cauderlier - 2017

François Cauderlier - 2017

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