— Motion Design

Fontevraud Digital Tour

Yhostee is a new platform allowing the organization of paid or free events between individuals, who do not necessarily know each other but who share the same desire to share their passions differently.

Within the Graphéine Team, my mission was to work on the animation of the launching clip of this new community.

The project was executed in collaboration with the Merlin Agency. The sound design was made by Xavier Thiry and the voiceover interpreted by Bruce was recorded in the studios studios VO.

Yhostee's official website
The article on Graphéine's blog

— Still frames :

Yhostee Motion Design 1
Yhostee Motion Design 2
Yhostee Motion Design 3
Yhostee Motion Design 4
Yhostee Motion Design 5
Yhostee Motion Design 6

François Cauderlier - 2018

François Cauderlier - 2017

François Cauderlier - 2017

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